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Cannot save BIOS settings on D2700MUD


I have a Intel Desktop Board, I have been using it over a year, later this week I wanted to change some settings in the BIOS, to find the surprise that my settings are not saved.


This is what happens:

I select the "Load Default Settings" and then "Exit Saving Changes".

After restarting the Default settings are lost and I still have the old configuration.

Other test, for example, if I change any random setting and after selecting "Exit Saving Changes" and reboting the selected change reverts back to my old configuration.

For example, you can define a user or admin password (there is none in my old config) after saving changes and rebooting, the password is not saved.

The first thing I did, was to change the BIOS jumper to "reset" position (pins 2-3) from default position (pins 1-2). My surprise was to see that nothing was reset, and any settings changed are not saved.

Then I thought about reflashing BIOS to newer version.

My current BIOS version was: BIOS Version 0069 - MUCDT10N.86A.0069.2012.0323.1358

So I upgraded to latest version: BIOS Version 0075 - MUCDT10N.86A.0075.2013.0427.1548

Expecting things will work will latest upgrade, I had the surprisse I couldn't still save my changes, so then I downgraded to all previus versions till version 69.

BIOS versions flashed and tested:

BIOS Version 0073 - MUCDT10N.86A.0073.2012.1101.1638

BIOS Version 0072 - MUCDT10N.86A.0072.2012.0808.1512

BIOS Version 0071 - MUCDT10N.86A.0071.2012.0612.1459

BIOS Version 0070 - MUCDT10N.86A.0070.2012.0529.0930

None of these versions will allow me to save the BIOS settings. I don't know about going to older versions than the version that shipped with my motherboard, I'm afraid it may break my board.

Finally I went back to the original BIOS version I had: BIOS Version 0069 - MUCDT10N.86A.0069.2012.0323.1358

Then I completely removed the jumper to recover from a *.bio file saved in an USB stick. This still din't allow me to change my bios settings.

Also the battery is in good conditions, running the system with or without battery will still show my old settings without leaving me the posibility to change anything.

So I'm stuck with the old settings that I defined over a year ago when I firstly configured the motherboard, I would like to change some settings, and I can't do it in any way.

I have tried everything I could think and try, after searching I found the following related topics in this same forum. None of this topics have a solution yet, thus it seems there is no official solution for this serious bug/issue or I cannot find it in the support pages and/or this forum.


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