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Channel B memory not recognized


Hi there, I have an i5 4670k CPU and an ASRock Fatal1ty z87 killer motherboard, but no matter what kind of memory or the voltage of the memory, channel B is not recognized. I have already returned the board and got a new one, reseated the cpu into the new motherboard and am still having the same issue. Is this a cpu issue? Or could it be two bad mobos in a row? I've only 4 days left on the return policy of the CPU

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Hello ChiefBigBanana, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your processor. Since you already replaced the motherboard once and the issue persisted, I would recommend you return the CPU in order to get a new one.

If the scenario were different, I would have suggested doing some troubleshooting on the system but you only have a few days left so you can return the chip.

This behavior could be cause by different reasons, for example a defective processor, a motherboard with faulty memory slots or a motherboard with old BIOS. Also, using incorrect memory could also be a reason.

Please replace the processor and then let me know how it goes with the new one.


Hello, I wonder if it helped. I have same mobo and exact same problem. Have ordered new mobo already but have fear it will not fix issue. Mobo in its F-Stream Tuning utility can see both RAM ( under system browser ) that proves that RAM socket is not faulty. So its either CPU socket or CPU itself. I have i7 4770k, My BIOS in up to date and memory i am using is Corsair Vengeance PRO CMY16gx3m2a2400c11r .