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Chipset Drivers for HM170 in windows 8.1


Hello! There was a licensed Windows 10 on a laptop. Due to the large number of errors in the work, it was decided to install Windows 8.1. All drivers from Windows 10 From the developer's website were installed normally, except for the chipset drivers. Tell me, does this chipset support Windows 8.1?

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You need to use a version of the package that has support for Windows 8.1. The latest that you will find on the Intel site definitely do not.

Here is a link to a version that you can try: This page indicates that it is specific to this Intel NUC system, but AFAIK it is essentially generic to the 100 Series shipsets.

Remember that this (the Chipset Device Software (a.k.a. INF Update) package) should be the first thing that you install after installing Windows. If you have already proceeded to install other driver packages, then I suggest that you do a full reinstall of this package. You do a full reinstall of this package using this process:

  1. Unzip the package to a temporary folder.
  2. Open a Command Prompt or PowerShell window.
  3. Make the temporary folder the current folder.
  4. Execute the command: ".\SetupChipset.exe /overall".
  5. Reboot.
  6. Delete temporary folder.

Hope this helps,



Thank's a lot! The chipset drivers are installed!