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D102GGC2: Problem With Mouse and Keyboard


I have an Intel D102GGC2 board with the latest BIOS (1087) installed.

I am trying to install Win2K. I have a USB keyboard and a PS/2 mouse.

When the setup screen says "Starting Windows 2000" the num lock light on the keyboard goes off, and the keyboard stops responding. If I disable the USB 2.0 then the keyboard works fine both during and after the install.

The mouse does not work at all, neither while installing or after.

However I am able to use use the keyboard in USB 2.0 mode, and the mouse in both BartPE and XOSL.

If I plug an PS/2 keyboard with the PS/2 mouse and reinstall then both the keyboard and mouse work just fine.

This USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse works fine on other machines with Win2K on it.

So why doesn't this mother board like my keyboard and mouse under Win2K? What can I do to make them play nice - especially the mouse.

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JayMan, Intel® try to make as many third party components compatible as possible, but do to the sheer quantity of these third party components we cannot always guarantee compatibility. Unfortunately in this instance this would appear to be the case.

There are some BIOS versions that fixed issues related to keyboards and mouse compatibility. What we can try to do is roll back the BIOS to version 1074 using the BIOS recovery method. Then update the BIOS to the next version available which is 1084.

This link will show you how to roll back the BIOS