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D201GLY2 XP installation problem


I have a D201GLY2 motherboard that I am bringing back into service. I used to have XP Pro installed on it and want to reinstall it but it won' install. I have the latest bios and have tried every configuration possible in the bios but it still refuses to install. I have been able to install Windows 7 (which Intel says won't work but it runs fine, just very slow, where XP is much snappier on this board). My thinking is that it is a sata driver problem but I can't find the sata driver for this board on the Intel site as the D201GLY2 board as it has a SiS662* Graphics and Memory Controller (Northbridge) and a SiS964* I/O Controller (Southbridge). I used to run XP with SATA disabled in the bios but that won't work now. Probably something to do with the updated bios.

Anybody know how to get XP re-installed.

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Does this problem occur with an earlier BIOS version?

You could try to downgrade BIOS version with BIOS recovery method, see instructions below: LY0133P.BIO

Instructions for BIOS recovery available below: Desktop Boards — Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update



Thanks Allen

Yes I did downgrade the Bios and I did get XP to install but I am having the problem of XP freezing at the boot screen. I ran safe mode bootlogger and here is the part of the ntbtlog.txt file where XP freezes at the "Did not load driver ACPI Uniprocessor PC." Have googled the Did not load driver ACPI Uniprocessor PC but haven't found any solutions.


Loaded driver sr.sys

Loaded driver KSecDD.sys

Loaded driver Ntfs.sys

Loaded driver NDIS.sys

Loaded driver Mup.sys

Did not load driver ACPI Uniprocessor PC

Did not load driver Audio Codecs

Did not load driver Legacy Audio Drivers

Did not load driver Media Control Devices

Did not load driver Legacy Video Capture Devices