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D2500CC does not boot



I'm having problems with a D2500CC board. I bought one board 4 weeks ago and it's running fine. Now. I wanted to create the a second system in the same configuration (same memory, same HDD, same chassis, same power supply). But the second board is not running.

After pressing the power switch, the front panel LED lights up for a short moment and goes off again. There is no image on the VGA output (and neither on the DVI). The LED of the attached keyboard is not on. I should mention that the 5V standby power indicator LED on the board is on.

I removed the HDD and swapped memory with the system that is running. None of his helps.

Any idea what could be wrong. Should I return the board to the reseller?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Mulciber,

I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you.

There are some troubleshooting steps you can try to diagnose or fix your issue. Please try the instructions mentioned here:

If issue persists after doing these steps, the best option would be to contact your seller or contact us for support at

Kevin M


Hello Kevin,

I tried all the steps described in the link you provided. Thanks. Nothing helped. Meanwhile I got the board exchanged. But I'm having problems with the new board again. I would question my experience if I had not built the same system before.

The problems I have with the new board are different though. It boots and after running for a while it turns off suddenly. This may happen several minutes or 30 seconds after booting. It happens while in the OS (BSD) or while in the BIOS menu.

As I said on my first post, I tested the very memory module and hard disk I use in the second system in my first system (which runs fine since several months).

I want to build a PFSense firewall. I googled around and a lot of people have used this motherboard for the same system. I'm really flabbergasted why I'm having so much problems with this.

Thanks for any ideas you might have


Some more information/tests:

I disconnected the hard disk and booted into the BIOS. I watched the real time monitoring of temperature and voltages until the board switched off again - I didn't see any suspicious. Temp was well below 30 degree celsius (86 F).

Without the hard disk I noticed a high pitched sound coming from the board (it's not the PSU because the chassis has an external one). I tried again - the noise is definitely there.

One more observation. When I try to turn on the computer right after it shut down it will not start. When I pull the plug from the PSU and wait some time it will start again (but always shutting off after a few minutes).