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D2500CC, how do I set mac address in DOS or BIOS???


How can I change, or rather set, the mac address of my brand new D2500CC? LAN port 1 has no mac address in BIOS and pfSense installation says "Invalid mac address" for em1 during boot ..


Was amazed that a board like this didn't have a better BIOS, as a sidenote ... feels like it's 15 years old from the options it gives.


Can not find any information about this anywhere, nor any contact form or mail address to get in direct touch with support here .. so hoping someone here can help me.

[edit]... can't seem to edit replies .. so edit here. Got the flash tool to work, but no function to change the address nor fix anything. All I could do was to disable WOL on the 2nd port (cause I don't need that) and I tried to flash PXE onto the first controller, just to try something .. but no go either.


No MAC address shown in BIOS for NIC

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Stuck now cause the command the help file gives me doesn't work

.... Type BOOTUTIL -all -upgrade (to update all the adapters)


Tells me -upgrade isn't a valid option and as seen on the image below, there is clearly something wrong with both onboard adapters


[edit] found the problem, due to the bad wording in the help file, I hadn't copied the image file to the same directory as bootutil ... still not closer to a solution though




PowerFlower, are you able to access the operating system? I would like to know if the LAN port # 1 is working correctly?


Which is the current BIOS version of your system? Just in case, BIOS v0033 fixed an issue relate with the behavior of the LAN port under DOS.


We can also help you to replace the unit if you continue having this issue. Please get in touch with our Warranty Department, remember to ask for the higher

revision available.


First of all, I'd like to apologise if any of my comments sounded rude in any way, not my intention. Was just worked up cause something that simple didn't work.

My BIOS version is CCCDT10N.86A.0039.2013.0425.1625. It was the first thing I tried to update when it wouldn't work (cause as we all know, that usual fixes things). No change though compared to the one it came with

@Scott, it wasn't so much about the look of the BIOS, but more the limited amount I could view and change there. I don't mind text based controls and systems, as I grew up with DOS as if it was just my base language.

It was like this when I got it and unpacked it from the sealed bag, sothough not possible, it must have been lost or never written in the factory. As you say I can not change it later.

@Sylvia, The 2nd LAN port works fine in the OS (pfSense). It can detect it and get IP via DHCP. However the first LAN port just gives me an error of invalid mac address and that's it then.


I can not test it in windows, As the disk only is 16GB and windows requires 24 just for the installation, and no other spare disk at the moment.


That's why I used DOS with the intel BOOTUTIL tool, cause it was the most simple way to do it (unetbootin, freedos, usbstick)

Guess the board really is broken/mis-flashed from the factory and I only got the choice to have it replaced.

I'll try to give the support a call. Oh, JFYI why I prefer written contact ...cause as Danish living I'll most likely get a Swedish customer rep on the phone who I barely will be able to understand and all the numbers and info (serials, bios, contact, etc) all are easier to give correct in written form.


Power Flower, Please get in touch with our Warranty Department. The following link will show you the 2 options you have in order get support (chat or phone) Warranty Center




The MAC address for the primary LAN port is indeed stored in the BIOS flash (for secondary LAN/WLAN interfaces, though, EEPROMs are typically used). We program the MAC Address into the flash as part of the factory board validation processes. This portion of the flash is then locked down and (in theory) cannot be changed (lost) during normal BIOS update processes. In a word, it should not be possible for the MAC Address to be lost -- well, other than via flash component failure. My suggestion is thus that you contact Intel Customer Support - which it typically done via phone (not email) - and have them replace the board...

This board was part of the last generation that we shipped with a text-based BIOS Setup interface. I assure you, however, that it is still a modern UEFI-compliant BIOS and has all of the same options that the later graphical interfaces expose (though limited by the lesser set of capabilities offered by the Intel(R) Atom(tm) 2500 SOC architecture)...