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D2500HN and D525MW boards hang rather than booting from hard drive when a flash stick is inserted in a USB port

I have a number of systems with D2500HN and D525MW boards in them. As part of system maintenance, I need to install software from a USB flash stick. I have updated all boards to the latest BIOS revision. With no USB flash stick, the system boots up normally. With a USB flash stick inserted, the motherboard completes POST, then hangs, with the access light blinking in the flash stick showing that there is some action going on with it. I have set the boot order to boot from the hard drive first. If I press F10 to select the boot device, I get the same result. The flash stick is also bootable, but that should make no difference. (Yes, the flash stick does boot properly on other systems.) Unless there is something that I am missing in the BIOS options, this appears to be a design defect in the BIOS itself, though it could also be hardware related somehow.

This does not prevent using the systems with Atom boards, but it sure makes any maintenance go more slowly, because I forget that these boards have this problem, so I get yet another system hang when I leave the flash stick in a USB port upon reboot.

We have some of these systems running XP and others running Win 7. Same result.

Thank you... Ben

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Hello Ben,

Please go to the BIOS and on the BOOT tap disable the following options:

• "Boot USB devices first"

• "Boot to removable devices"

• "USB boot"



"Boot USB devices first"disabled - DID THAT.


"Boot to removable devices" disabled and "USB boot" disabled defeats the purpose of what I am doing to maintain these computers with Atom motherboards.


Here is the way other motherboards work with a flash stick inserted in a USB slot, including a number of other Intel boards, all Dell laptops, Dell desktops, HPaq desktops, and all IBM/Lenovo laptops I have ever serviced:

1. Set boot order in the BIOS so that a USB device is after the system hard drive, and reboot.

2. Press F10 or F12, depending on the make/model, during POST to see a boot menu.

3. User is presented with a boot menu of devices detected during POST.

4. User selects USB flash stick or other device.

5. AND (!!!!) if the user does not press F10/F12 to see the boot menu, the system boots normally.


Under the conditions I have described here, the D2500HN and D525MW hang after POST when a USB stick is inserted. This is contrary to normal industry practice and contrary to the way in which other Intel motherboards operate. In short, this is a design defect in the product which might be remedied with a BIOS update. If a BIOS update by Intel does not fix it, then it's a hardware design defect, far more serious... Ben


Ben, how big is the USB flash drive you are using on these systems?

On the original post, you said that you already installed the latest BIOS version. Do you remember which the previous version was?

This because there are some BIOS versions that contain fixes related to USB, for example version 0063 and 0074.

You may want to test rolling back to any of these versions and try it again.