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D510MO No Post, No Boot, No Video. Dead?


Hi all,

I have an Intel D510MO board which seems to have died.

The board lights up (LED on board), the drives sound like they are starting up and the keyboard lights flash on on startup, but there is no other sign of life (except the processor is warm, indicating some kind of activity).

I initially thought that it could be the video chip, so tried a PCI graphics card, but still no video output.

I have tried a different PSU and one I know definitely works OK, and still no change.

Is there anything further I can do with it or is it toast? I'm not sure if there are any BIOS checks I can do if there appears to be so little life in the unit...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas!

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Hello Omega1, I am afraid to say that this motherboard has been out of support and I think it is not longer under warranty.

However, these are some recommendations you can try:

  1. Take the system outside of the chassis. Make sure you disconnect all other components from the motherboard and take the product out in a non-conducted surface.
  2. Clear the CMOS. The correct way is, while having all components disconnected from the motherboard, disconnect the BIOS jumper and remove the battery for about 15-20 minutes. datetime datetime
  3. Test the motherboard without memory, you should get 3 beeps.
  4. Insert 1 memory stick and restart the system.

If the board is still having the same behavior after this troubleshooting we can say that it is defective.