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D525MW No boot device only on cold boot

We are attempting to build a machine using this motherboard and an SDHC -> SATA card to keep moving parts to a minimum and low power requirements. The system is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 (though I do not think this contributes). If we cold boot the system we will receive an error that there were no bootable devices found. HOWEVER, if we then reboot using Ctrl+Alt+Del then the server boots up just fine and runs great. Drive works just great and no issues reading / writing to the media. Even restarting the system with a reboot will result in the system starting just fine, it is ONLY from a cold boot that it fails. This has been upgraded to the latest 113 BIOS release that was just out, from the previous version. Have also tried all sorts of combinations of AHCI/IDE - SMART on/off, startup delay 0 - 30,... None of them seem to have any affect on this issue, it will still hang on cold boot and start fine on ctrl+alt+del.

The issue however is that this needs to run in an environment where if power is lost and then restored the server will boot and start operating again. It will be at a remote/unmanned location. With the current behavior ever cold start requires keyboard intervention to get it started up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Have contacted the SDHC -> SATA card people and they have never run into this so we are told.

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