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D525MW and add in SATA cards

I have tried a mini PCIe SATA card in this board and the board will not recognise it.

So I purchased a 4 port PCI SATA card (PCISATA4R1 form which only partially works...

It seems the boot order gets messed up and it just sits with blinking cursor on screen. If I enter the RAID card bios via F4 and then exit with no changes it boots into the OS without a hitch and all is fine! But I cannot get it to boot into the OS on SATA 0 on the D525MW even though it is first in boot order in bios.

Any suggestions to run more than two drives on this board?

Running latest bios from Intel


OS is Win XP Pro SP3
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Community Manager

Hello mettauk,

Here are our suggestions for this issue:

- Proceed to disable all boot up options in the BIOS.

- Enable Expansion card text in the BIOS.

- Test with a different PCI Express* device since the issue could be related with compatibility with this specific card.