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[D525MWV] Are there any default values for the LVDS configuration?

Hello there!

I have an Intel D525MWV Mini-ITX Mainboard with on-board LVDS connector.

I have unlocked the LVDS Configuration Panel with the Intel Integrator Toolkit and my BIOS-Version is called:


Now I want to connect the LG LB104S01-TL04 TFT-Panel to this board.

Sadly it does not support EDID, so I have to configure the BIOS manually, but honestly, I am not able to gather the required information from the datasheet, which you can find here:

Are there any default values for the LVDS Configuration I can try to get my display to work with?

Or is anyone out there capable to fill the values (listed below) according to the datasheet?

Any help would be much appreciated!

The LG-Display-Support did not respond to my queries regarding this issue in any way.

Best regards,


"LVDS Configuration"

• Resolution:

• Pixel Clock (x10kHz):

• Horizontal Blanking (pixels):

• Vertical Blanking (lines):

• Horizontal Sync Offset (pixels):

• Vertical Sync Offfset (lines):

• Horizontal Sync Pulse Width (pixels):

• Vertical Sync Pulse Width (lines):

• Horizontal Border (pixels):

• Vertical Border (lines):

• Horizontal Image Size (mm):

• Vertical Image Size (mm):

• Horizontal Polarity:

• Vertical Polarity:

• Image Interlace Mode:

Inverter Board Configuration

• Inverter Frequency (Hz):

• Inverter Polarity:

• Minimum Inverter Current Limit (%):

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