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D945GSEJT - no power on USB connectors (back and front)



I bought a D945GSEJT board to build a small home server, but the board gives no power on USB connectors. No device will be active (tried keyboard, pendrive, USB lamp, USB HDD). I have also measured, but there is no 5V on the connectors (just a 0.1V).

An external 12V brick is used (gives exactly 12.4V). Starting the board with a bootable pendrive and a usb keyboard connected leads to trying to boot from network (PXE) which fails because no network cable is connected. I cannot access BIOS because the keyboard is not recognized.

Where can be a problem?


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Netman123, I will need to inform you that this motherboard has been out of support since June 2013.



However, these are some recommendations you can try:


1. Take the system outside of the chassis. Make sure you disconnect all other components from the motherboard and take the product out in a non-conducted surface.

2. Clear the CMOS. The correct way is, while having all components disconnected from the motherboard, disconnect the BIOS jumper and remove the battery for about 15-20 minutes. datetime datetime

3. Since you are not able to use the keyboard to do a BIOS updated, I would recommend you to do a BIOS recovery. We would need to find out which is the current BIOS version. You can access the BIOS by changing the BIOS configuration jumper to position 2 and 3. This is going to take you to the BIOS maintenance mode.

4. This specific motherboard has 8 BIOS versions; you can download the BIO file and follow the BIOS recovery method.