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D945GTP bios update problems


I am well beyond tired of hours on this. I have a D945GTP that has near original bios of 3659. I want to go to the newest bios. Attempts with the within OS install gives me the "this program is unable to continue. internal system error: there is a programming or internal problem". Using the .BIO file on a USB with the recovery procedure just gets me absolutely nothing, not even a screen and I waited for thirty minutes. The bios version continues to stay where it is at. Does the USB have to be in a format other than ntfs? Do I have to go through the other recovery option to do this? And if so why would that work and this not? Thanks.

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For recovery procedure or F7 mode USB drive should be formatted to FAT or FAT32. F7 option is the best method to upgrade BIOS, check the guide: Desktop Boards — Instructions for F7 BIOS Flash Update

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This board - and its BIOS releases - are so old that the Express BIOS Update (EBU) packages are likely not compatible with the latest O/Ss. Further, I do not believe that these BIOSs had support for the F7 update method. You are going to have to download the package that provides the BIO file for the latest BIOS release. Place this file onto a FAT (or FAT32) formatted flash drive, plug this drive into one of the board's back panel USB ports, remove the BIOS jumper and power on the system. This should install this BIOS using the recovery method. The alternative is to build a DOS-bootable flash drive, place the BIO file and the iFlash utility's executable on it, boot from this drive and run the iFlash utility to install the BIOS.

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Hi helpful55

The current BIOS version is old now, there are almost 14 newer BIOS versions. Update the BIOS to the next available version 3869. Bear in mind, Intel® recommends to update the BIOS if system is experiencing issues. Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP





Mike C