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D975XBX2 USB 2.0 - No Hi-Speed in BIOS!

Guys, I have the Bad Axe 2 board and while it's a little older now it's still a solid setup and runs everything I need great, including most games. I recently installed Windows 7 on it and didn't like the results so I backed off to XP Pro (SP3). I am, however, now getting message from my USB devices that they can operate faster if connected to a USB 2.0 port. These are all USB 2.0 ports! All searching on this site suggest I go into the BIOS (which is current) and go into the Advanced/USB section and turn on Hi-Speed. I have NO SUCH OPTION there. There are only two entries. One mentions Legacy support (Enable/Disable) and the other I forget but it doesn't mention 2.0 or hi-speed.

In Device manager I have 5 Intel host controllers. All say Intel(R) N10/ICH Family and then 4 continue saying USB Host Controller and then their address. One says USB2 Enhanced Host Controller. I believe that tells me 2.0 is enabled but I'm not sure why they aren't all saying this.

If anyone can help with this I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm currently between jobs and need to make this board last a while longer.

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