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DB75EN - DDR3 1.65V and 1.35V both 1600Mhz?

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HI there,

About DB75EN and i5 3330 Ivy Bridge, I could not found some answers.

- Some DDR3 modules (like kingston 1600Mhz) just maths this frequency with 1.65V. However, the default DDR3 voltage are 1.5V. And, Intel it self recommends do not use 1.65V DIMM modules risking kill the APU.

I do not understand why recommend at 1600Mhz if it is like a overclocked memory. So, exist anywhere kind a 'unofficial' list of incompatibility?

- About low-voltage 1.35V DRR3 (like G.Skill [ RipjawsX ] F3-12800CL9Q-16GBXM ), and G.Skill products at all, some problem are related? At last, low-voltage 1.35V modules will be recognized without problems?

- DB75EN will work fine whit a GTX 650 Ti PCIe 3.0 + i5 3330? Meaning, like this MB belong to a executive class, must I be prepared for some graphic limitation/compatibility in favor of durability and security features? In future I intend take some SolidWorks online lessons (3D CAD), and games of course.

I do not ordered this stuff yet, until solve this doubts.

Tks folks.

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