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DB75EN motherboard problem


Hello,i having a problem with my motherboard recently...When i turn on my PC,the intel board logo struck at there around 40 plus second only then can boot.I sent back to check,they said it normal because that time the board is checking the hard drive.....I don't think that is acceptable because the first 2 years i use totally have no problem..Then they said they checked the motherboard setting,temperature and voltage everything fineThey also updated the bios for me but after i took back it also same.I already record a video about my problem so can someone from intel help me solve the problem?I from Malaysian and just bought it around 2 years plus.Thank you

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Hello Reevez, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your motherboard. I was not able to see the video you attached.

I would like to tell you that the information given to you is correct. That is the time that takes the system to check on your hard drive.

We can try doing some basic troubleshooting with your system in order to find out if is the hard driver who's causing this delay or if it is your motherboard.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Take the motherboard out of the chassis and using only minimum configuration (board, processor, and power supply) No memory stick. Since there is no memory you should be able to get 3 beeps.
  2. Using 1 memory stick try to access the BIOS pressing F2. Reset settings to default.
  3. restart the system with the hard drive connected and check how long is the delay.
  4. If you have another hard drive you may want to test it.

Could you please send me the information over the msinfo32 in order to check if everything is compatible?

Could you please also send me the model number of the memory you are using and the type of hard drive?



I would like to remove the chassis but i not very familiar with the removing parts...How to send the msinfo32 to you cause i new here so i didn't know how to post it at here.So can you pls give me the email so i can send it to you miss