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DB85FL - No video card error when installing video card

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After installing win 8.1 pro on my board and have it working, I then install a video card and made some tweaks in bios and now it boots with error beeps (two beeps - pause - two beeps)

I remove bios jumper and it still beeps

I pull video card and it boots fine.

I reinstall card and it boots fine. Win 8.1 pro says secure boot misconfigured and I go back into bios and enable secureboot only and now it is giving me no video error beeps again. but this time it continues to boot and I get the desktop just fine.

Now I can get into bios as there is no video. I try pulling power cord and wait for the motherboard led to go out, then I replug in power and hold the power switch for a second or two until it beeps, which is suppose to clear bios, but I still get the video error and I still can get into the bios.

I even tried switching monitor to integrated video and still get no video beeps.

I installed the latest bios (19) first thing when I got the board.

My video card is an evga gtx 650 superclocked (01G-P4-2652-KR) if this matters any.

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MarkJohnson, at this point there are not drivers available for Windows 8.1 yet, since this is a preview version, not a production version of Windows. Drivers are provided for production versions of validated operating systems; therefore, Intel does not provide support or drivers.

We have no date or other information to provide regarding the release of these drivers. However, once they are available, they will be share immediately.

In the mean time you may want to search with the video card manufacture if there is a firmware update available for it.

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hmm, I'm not sure how to answer this. lol

The problem isn't with Windows, it's with the BIOS on the motherboard. Possibly with the firmware of the video card, but since it was working fine with BIOS version 16 for a minute, I assume it is a BIOS issue.

I'll check evga and report back if there is a new one and if it fixed it or not. otherwise I'll assume it's a BIOS issue.


My DB85Fl board also have the same issue. I tried all the /thread/44769.

above methods for nearly 1 week and nothing works for me. I sent back the board to Intel for replacement.

The issue was reported 2 months ago by many customers but Intel didn't release a proper bios to solve this issue.

To Intel:

DB85Fl and DH87RL have the same bios issue. Solve this quickly, otherwise you will receive a lot motherboards for replacement.


I installed the video card and getting video detected error. So turned off the primary onboard video. Then installed the video card. Then the board stucked up there with no video error beeps.

I update the latest bios using recovery method. But still getting the error. Intel people accepted that there is a problem with Bios and we couldn't reset or clear.

To All:

Video cards doesn't have UEFI Gpu. So you have to change from UEFI boot to LEGACY boot in BIOS before installing a graphic card.


I got the replacement board from Intel and waiting for a proper BIOS update.

Intel tech team! Any updates available?