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DB85FL - intel power supervisor has detected a catastrophic power event has occurred

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I just upgraded my computer to a DB85FL with a dual core i3-4340 and 2GB of 1333MHz Kingston memory.

When I first boot up, it had 3 beeps that would cycle over and over. Google said memory error, so I reseated the one nearest the CPU and pulled the other (in blue slots). then it booted with a new red LED on the motherboard labeled, "PWR FAULT" and then the POST errored out with the message, "intel power supervisor has detected a catastrophic power event has occurred"

It seemed ok and tried to boot, but it didn't recognize my GPT partitioned SSD as installable for win8 for some reason.

also, the POST plays the intel song, but it has a high pitched skwealtchy sound.

I attach an HDD with a previous windows 7 install and it boots fine.

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Please check on the visual BIOS under "power tab", depending of the processor and the power supply, there should be some options to enable or disable the processor's power states.

If you find them,please disable C6/C7 power states, C3 should be enable.

Also, please check if the power supply you are using is Haswell compatible. The following is the list of Intel PSU Design Guide:


2. Go to the top right hand where it says 12V2 Min-load

3. From the Drop down select the "Yes" option

4. The list displayed will be the latest list of PSUs that meet Intel's requirements

You will be able to find additional information on the following thread. This thread is regarding the same issue but on an Intel DZ87KLT motherboard. /thread/42479

Let me know.