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DG35EC and Windows 8 Problem


I have a DG35EC mother board with BIOS upgraded (yesterday) to


ECG3510M.86A.0118.2009.1421. My cpu is Intel Core2 Duo E7500 at 2.93GHz. I

have 4G of RAM installed. Everything works great under Windows XP Pro with

SP3. All of my network, audio, and video is comming from the board directly.

I have nothing additional plugged into the board.

I want to upgrade to Windows 8. When I run Microsoft's Upgrade Advisor, I get

the message "Platform is not supported."

Someplace (I'm sorry I don't remember where) I read that the BIOS must be a

2010, not a 2009, BIOS. Is there such a BIOS for this mother board? If not,

are there plans by Intel to upgrade the BIOS to 2010?

I also have a second PC at home with the DG41KR mother board, BIOS is

KRG4110H.86A.0032.2010.0628.1643. I was running XP Pro with SP3, upgraded it

to Win 8 then updated it to Windows 8.1. Everything is working great. Note the 2010 BIOS.

Intel: would you please (pretty please) update the DG35EC BIOS to a 2010 or

higher version. Thank you.

If anyone knows of work-arounds for the DG35EC, I would certainly like to

know about it.

Thank you.


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Hello Alfred, I would need to inform you that this motherboard has been out of support since December, 2010.

Also, Windows 8 is not a supported operating system for this specific motherboard therefore; there are no plans for making drivers.

You can try to install Windows 7 since we do have drivers available, but the support would be limited due to discontinuance of board or OS