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DG41MJ Not supporting "Compatible Processor"

According to Intel's published Compatable CPU chart the DG41MJ will support the Q9505 as long as the board revision is E54659-203 and BIOS version 0002.


My board is E54659-204 BIOS version 0003, which I would think is a newer revision and still support the processor. But that does not seem to be the case!


I have tried to install a Q9505 (Spec# SLGYY) and I breifly get a black screen with yellow text telling me that this processor is not supported. Then it powers down.

I know there is a newer BIOS. 0005. But because I'm running Linux on this board I have tried to burn the ISO of both 0004 and 0005 BIOS updates and I get an error telling me that the disk is not bootable.


I will be temporarily replacing the HDD and install XP to try that method of BIOS update. But I have little hope of this addressing the problem.

Is there something I'm missing? Should this CPU not already work with this board?

EDIT: I have flashed the BIOS with 0005 and the problem is not solved.

Is this board/CPU going to work? Or am I ordering another brand board tomorrow?

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Re: DG41MJ Not supporting "Compatible Processor"


If on the compatibilist it says that it is only the E54659-203 board that is compatible then the -204 revision won't work.

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Re: DG41MJ Not supporting "Compatible Processor"

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Well this means I'll never buy another Intel desktop board again!

I'm not naming names. But with the brand I prefer, a newer revision has always supported the CPU's of the version it replaced.

I looked at the web site of every distributer I buy from, and nobody lists the board revision of any Intel board they stock. I talked to a few of them and asked why. They told me it's because they don't know what's going to show up. And these are people who get shipped to straight from Intel!

So I'm expected to get the board, and then order the CPU for that revision when I buy a Intel board? No thanks!

But thank you for confirming the problem.

My distributer credited my account for the returned DG41MJ, and the Q9505 is now working in the board I should have waited for to start with.

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