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DG45ID - No Video and No BIOS Reset

I have a DG45ID and on first boot (using integrated video) i got no video and a single post beep. I tried both the dvi and hdmi onboard and booted both ways, nothing worked. i then added a discrete gpu card to test the problem. it posted and displayed video. i went into the bios to set the video chipset to use integrated instead of external thinking that was teh original cause and i want this machine to use the onboard not an addon card. the setting was on AUTO and i changed it to the integrated graphics (IGD) setting and restarted. ever since then it will not display video (with or without the addon gpu card) and i cant get back into the bios to set it back to auto.

i tried 'resetting the bios' by doing the following:

1. took the bios jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 and it acted the same.

2. took the bios jumper out completely and it booted and the kbd would flash every 20 secs or so like it was cycling something but still never saw video.

is it possible that my board has a bad onboard video chipset? any assistance would be greatly appreciated, im a big intel fanboi and love their products, this is my first time having probs but i must say after resettting bios' on other manuf hundreds of times, its pretty frustrating not to be able to properly do it on this board.

thanks in advance for any input or assistance.

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Did you remove the add on graphics card before you restarted?? Because electiricly it automaticly shuts down the on board graphics??

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What sort of regular monitor are you attempting to use with it and was the HDMI Monitor (TV?) plugged in, connected AND switched on BEFORE attempting to boot the PC. Although HDMI is supposed to be hot pluggable, in practice some devices have issues doing it this way. The DG45ID has been around for ages - is this a 'known good' board you obtained (perhaps new/sealed) or is its history unknown?

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yes, removed the external gpu prior to booting and yes the hdmi tv was turned on prior to booting. the board was unopened from the manufacturer. what about the reset bios? i mean what is teh diff between teh 2-3 pins and out completely? one 'says' in teh manual its recovery and the other says just to reset pwds. which one should i be using/attempting?

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got it working. i dloaded the latest BIOS update file from intel's website. then i booted with that file on a CD and even though i couldnt see anything it ran thru and did a bios update. a part of that update is to revert all settings to default. it put the gpu setting back on AUTO which allowed me to boot just fine now.

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cid wrote:

got it working. i dloaded the latest BIOS update file from intel's website.

I'm glad the latest BIOS got it working. Sometimes monitors - particularly old DVI ones don't like working with the resolutions and refresh rates of some cards. The DG45IDs BIOS update that you installed probably included a new video BIOS module to give better monitor support.


I bought new DG45ID yesterday. I see no display when i connect the board to SMPS, board got switch on, CPU Fan Running but no display to the screen.

I have tried with the SMPS from another working computer but no luck. I tried both inbuild and External HDMI port from the board.

I did clear the remove the jumper and tried but no luck.

Also, i removed all 4 RAM, Board give me long beep sound. I clean the All the RAM with Rubber and Checked with every RAM alone still no luck.

I am using Samsung 32" LED TV as Monitor via HDMI.

And have 1GB ASUS GEFORCE GC (PCI x16)

4x1GB 667 MHZ RAM

Core 2 Duo Processor

Please help me to resolve the issue.


Hello Ganman,

First of all, I would like to inform you that this motherboard has been out of support since January 2012.

However these are some recommendation we can provide for this kind of issue,

Test the board out of the chassis using minimum configuration such as Motherboard, processor, 1 memory stick and power supply. No video card.

This motherboard comes with integrated graphics, so please test it without video card in order to avoid any compatibility between the board and the video card.