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DG45ID: Problems Connecting NIC to AVM FRITZ!Box 7390


I have connected my DG45ID based computer to the AVM FRITZ!Box 7390.

Sometimes (often?) when I switch my computer back on it takes one or two minutes for Windows 7, 64 Bit, to recognize that it's connected to a network:

After Windows 7 has booted up, the NIC icon displays a red cross and network connection is down. Windows 7 then retries to establish a network connection every -say- 20 seconds, displaying the NIC icon with a green circle. This fails one or two times. Then, finally, after the second or third try, it can establish a network connection.

AVM support suggested me to post my problem to this forum and to ask whether the NIC's drivers could have problems dealing with an energy-saving switch. I told them that I have disabled energy saving mode at the FRITZ!Box already. Still they urge me to ask this question here.

Can someone enlighten me on what may be the problem here?

Any help is appreciated.


Axel Dahmen

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