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DG45ID will not POST with RAM in channel A


I built myself a new computer, and I'm using the DG45ID motherboard to rebuild a computer for my mom. After transferring the hardware into her old tower, I found that the computer wouldn't complete the POST and give any beeps to indicate the status of the test. After testing out different RAM configurations, I found that the same problem existed any time I inserted a DIMM into either Channel A slot, which means that I can't use dual channel memory.

The computer has 4GB of RAM (2 x 2GB). I have found that the self test will complete successfully and allow the computer to boot if I use Channel B's slot 0 and slot 1. Using the computer in single channel memory mode isn't too big of a deal, but every time the computer is powered on, it displays a notification that a DIMM is not found in Channel A.

Does it sound like I somehow damaged the Channel A memory slots moving the motherboard from my computer tower to my mother's, or is there something that I can do to resolve this issue, or at least stop the warning message from BIOS?

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Hello poit57;

According to your information you have an DG45ID motherboard and having problems with the memory is installed on Channel A. Can you please ensure that the system is running the lates BIOS (

Also do you get any type of beeps when the memory is installed on Channel A.

Also please verify the manual for the correct memory installation, example please populate first the two blue slots, which will be Channel A and B Dimm 0.