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DH55HC Stopped recognizing SSD


A few years ago I added a PNY SSD to my desktop because it was crazy slow. I put the desktop in storage for about 9 months or more and set it back up last week only to have issues with booting. I reinstalled windows to one of the other HDD fresh. I thought the SSD had gone bad becuase it wouldn't even show up. Decided to get a Samsung EVO 960, cloned the new Windows install and put it in, only for it not to be recognized. I've tried switching the sata cables, different ports, tried taking off the HDD to boot and BIOS just won't recognize them. Not sure why it stopped reading as the PNY isn't broken. Any help would be great. I'm on the latest BIOS.

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Hhmmm, something changed. You've done all of the normal things for hardware verification, so we're left with a configuration change and a hardware failure.

I wonder if something could have happened to the BIOS configuration. You could try resetting the BIOS Configuration and see if that changes anything. Use F2 to enter BIOS Setup. Use F9 (followed by Y) to reset the BIOS Configuration and then F10 (followed by Y) to save the BIOS Configuration and exit BIOS Setup. After it clears POST, use F2 to again enter BIOS Setup and then see if it is detecting the drive and including it in the BIOS Boot Order.

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