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DH55HC black screen with geforce


My current desktop setup has a DH55HC motherboard, i5 , 4gb RAM Memory Master 1333, 450 Watt Rocket Fish power supply. I have tried to add 2 different video cards (PNY Geforce GTS 250) the computer boot with black screen ????? I have updated the Bios and the problem >>>>>>>>>>

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I'm so sorry to hear about this, Mrs Aloush, I'm going to do my very best to help you.

Since your motherboard comes with onboard video, please remove the video card; leave only one memory stick, processor and power supply on the board. Let me know if you are able to access the BIOS using this system configuration.

If you are able to get into the BIOS please let me know which is the current BIOS version of your board.

Bear in mind that we try to make our products compatible to many third party components as possible, but we cannot always guarantee compatibility with all of them.

You can also check with Geforce if they have plans on releasing a firmware update for this video card.


Would you please let me know the complete model number of the processor you are using. I would like to provide you the latest graphics drivers

available for it.