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Hello, i have a DH55tc (i3) with 8GB ram 1600(by default downgrade to 1333) but it shuts down with out a reason, i have check the bios on event log but nothing, also i have checked on the event viewer of windows and still nothing. i change 3 power supply but still the same problem i am running out of ideas could someone help??

Thank you

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Hi Mpikou9,

There are some troubleshooting steps I want you to try:

  1. Disconnect all components from the motherboard including the power supply and battery for 10 minutes.
  2. Reconnect the system with minimum configuration. This means 1 HDD, 1 Memory Stick and power supply.
  3. If issue persists, disconnect the memory stick and reconnect it on another memory slot. Repeat this if necessary.
  4. Try another memory stick.
  5. make sure memory is running at 1333MHz. If running faster it may cause system stability issues.
  6. Make sure you test a power supply with enough power output.

In case you have the possibility to test another memory, here you can find compatible memory part numbers for your system:

Kevin M