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DH61AG BIOS Problems ( EB POST-Code & Sometimes No Fast Boot )

Hello I have some Problems with my new DH61AG, all actual Drivers and BIOS installed.

Problem 1:

Every Time I unplug my PC from Power and Plug it in again

the first boot seems to loose the Bios "Fast Boot" Configuration

(General Optimization - Enabled, USB Optimization - Enabled, Video Optimization - Enabled).

The Bios shows me the Intel POST-Screen, and the Boot takes noticely longer.

Just for the first Boot Sequence after pluggin the Board to Power i'm havving this issue!

Seems to be a Genreal BIOS Problem, I can reproduce this issue any time!

Problem 2:

I'm ussing an USB Bluetooth Stick from Trust ( 17772 ),

when BIOS POST-Screen is shown (because of first issue) I get the POST-Code: "EB (Calling Legacy Option ROMs) ".

When I unplug the BT-Stick the Post-Code hides immediately and Boot-Proccess begins,

If I don't unplug the POST-Code stayes for around 30seconds.

The BT-Stick is plugged in the USB-Front Port, but I also tried all other USB Ports.

Thanks in advance!

BTW: I have Problems to open the following Intel URLs ( getting NetworkTimeouts / always need Proxy ):



( Dial-In Node is in Germany )

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Community Manager

Hello transmitter,


I understand that you are experiencing problems with the fast boot after a power failure and the system halts during POST if you have a Bluetooth* device connected.


In regards to your inquire, the fast boot will be reset after a power failure as the system need to do a complete self test when it boots up, this means that the behavior is normal. In regards to the Bluetooth* key, you may try disabling the boot to USB devices and set the boot order to boot first from your hard drive.

The system is freezing because it is not recognizing the Bluetooth* controller.