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DH61AG BIOS upgrade problem


I am working with an DH61AG motherboard and testing a HDMI to VGA cable to see if it would work. I did change the display parameters in the BIOS but the DVI display continued to work and not the HDMI. I tried to upgrade the Bios form v37 to v43 and the problem began (without setting the display parameters). The bios update started and the screens went blank. I removed the BIOS jumper and tried to load .BIO from a flash drive. An error message was displayed that I was trying to recover the bios v37 with v43 which is not allowed. When I used v37 on the flash drive or a CD nothing displays. However I tried all higher versions and one lower verison and received the same error message. Anyway to reset the BIOS back to factory settings besides removing the BIOS Jumper?

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