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DH61AG will not post


I have a DH61AG board that will not post. My hardware setup is...

Intel DH61AG Intel Ivy Bridge G1620 Celeron CPU Crucial 2GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1333 Crucial m4 32GB mSATA Internal Solid State Drive CT032M4SSD3

The system powers on and the CPU fan runs. However, I don't get a post screen. The power LED blinks three times and then pauses, it repeats this continually. I checked the manual and this LED pattern indicates a memory error, but the memory stick is not the problem. I pulled out the Crucial 2GB memory stick and put it in my laptop and it works fine. I figured it might be a bad memory slot on the motherboard so I tested the stick in both slots and in each case there is no post and the LED just continues the same pattern of blinking three times. The only thing I can think of is this could be because I'm using an Ivy bridge CPU on a Sandy bridge motherboard and that I need to update my BIOS. But how could this be true? How could a CPU cause a memory issue? Any ideas?


According to the compatibility chart, this processor should work. I just need the 0039 BIOS update, which I have no way of verifying since I cannot post. According to that chart the processor will work with revision "G23736-400 or later, G81491- All". This board is revision G23736-400, so I think it's capable of using this processor. What is G81491-All? I don't see that on the side of my motherboard box.


Okay, one more question. My board is a revision G23736-400. According to the DH61AG manual on page iii. revision G23736-400/500/502 have BIOS version AGH6110H.86A.0023. However, revisions G23736-503/504 have BIOS version AGH6110H.86A.0040. The key difference in the numbers being 0023 and 0040. Are these numbers the BIOS version? Since I have the motherboard revision G23736-400, I probably have BIOS version 0023. According to the chart I posted above I need at least BIOS version 0039, right? Could this be what is causing my error? However, if this is the case, why does it come up as a memory error?

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Hi necbot,

Based on the Technical Product Specification of this board, the bios revision is version 0023. This is the reason why your system is not posting when using the processor in mentioned.

The LED pattern you get from the system, means that the system is not posting and not necessarily due to a Memory issue. This issue can be fixed by updating the bios on your system by using a 2nd generation processor and then the 3rd generation processor will work just fine. The correct way is to install all versions after the 0023 until you get to the 0039.

You can download the Bios versions at the following link: