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DH61BE motherboard doesn't detect PCIe video card


Hi, I recently acquired a DH61BE motherboard for a retro gaming pc. It has an i5-2500 cpu and 4gb ram. The problem is, it does not detect my video card, which is an ATI Radeon HD 6670. The card is in working order, doesn't need any extra power supply and the fan spins when the computer starts up. I've tried to disable the integrated graphics card to see if then the PCIe works, but the video card is not even detected on the bios. I updated the BIOS to the 0120 version which is the latest. I wonder if there's some issue with the configuration of the BIOS. Can someone help me? Thanks in advice.

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First verify whether the BIOS 120 upgrade actually worked. Go into BIOS Setup and then cursor down to and enter the Additional System Information display. Cursor down to the display of the Management Engine Firmware Version (it's near the bottom of the list). If this is blank or displays as, then the ME is not working (does not have valid firmware) and the BIOS release did not install properly. If this is the case, try reinstalling this BIOS release using the BIOS Recovery process.


There are a couple of issues that can cause modern graphics cards to not work in older board generations. First (and most common), while this (PCIe 3.0) card might say that it is backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0, it really isn't. Second, older board generations often require the card's Option ROM to provide Legacy Boot support and many cards only provide UEFI boot. You can attempt to get around this by enabling UEFI boot in the BIOS, converting your boot drive to GPT partitioning and reinstalling/updating your O/S for UEFI boot, but this isn't guaranteed to get around the issue.


You could try using a slightly older graphics card. I have an AMD Radeon HD 5670 what works great in an even older (DX58SO) board.


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