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DH61BE not turn on in UEFI and USB3.0 stopping.


Guys, I have the following problems.



I'm with Win8.1.



After installing Windows 8.1, I entered the Bios and I disabled Legacy Bios and left only the UEFI enabled, activated the secure boot and put the SSD to boot in UEFI.



The problem is that whenever the UEFI is enabled, I turn on my computer and the screen goes black, the pc beeps 2x, then pause and beeps 2x more, give hope a few more seconds and opens Windows 8.1...



The main problem is the black screen during startup and the beeps, give access to the bios only resetting the cmos.



ps: I have the latest bios, 118.




The other problem is with USB3.0 ports, which stop working, sometimes returning to work after a few seconds, or just restarting.



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Raphael, it is an expected behavior. If the operating system was installed with Legacy enable and then after the installation you disabled it, you won't be able to boot to Windows.

You would need to access the BIOS, enable UEFI and secure boot before you reinstall the OS.

We have been providing this workaround to a lot of customer who are experiencing issue with Windows 8.1. You may want to check it out and give it a try and let me know the results.

1. Go to the secure boot options on BIOS

2. Enable secure boot (if disabled)

3. Check on the option that says "Install Intel platform key"

4. Press F10 to save changes and restart the system


I will format format and install Windows 8.1 like the process that you say, then I will respond you.

And the USB3.0? The problem occurs on Windows 7 and Windows 8...


I tried the way that you say, but when I turn on UEFI and disable legacy, I can't access the bios, then the windows install don't boot, only the SSD with the Windows installed.

How can I install Windows if the bios does not follow the sequence of boot made?

The problem is when active "UEFI Bios", because when I active "Secure Boot", stops to appear the watermark on Windows saying: "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly."

When I disable "no video beeps" on bios, the 2x 2x beeps stops, but the screen remains black until Windows starts.

A strange thing is, when I can't access the bios, the event log show this: