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DH61BR Memory capacity

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I have a DH61BR mother board and i cant find it on the intel page of motherboards. Some people say its the same of the DH61CR but in Brasil they named DH61CR-BR, but I don't know if its true.

Now i want to upgrade from 8GB ram to 16GB and i dont know if its supported or not. In the CR page says it can run 16..

Today I opened my case and in the motherboard is written "DH61CR" , but in cpu-z says the model is:
Model DH61BR
Revision G32662-203
Serial 435814514303

Anyone know if it can run 16 or not? really lost here..

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Thanks for the reply!
I bought 2x8GB DDR3 and it really worked!
So if anyone have this old board and want to use 16GB too, just be sure to update to the last bios available!

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