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DH61CR not working with discrete DVI vga

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I have built three systems with DH61CR + CPU i5-2400 + 8GB RAM Kingston + VGA Asus Nvidia EN210. All three have the same problem:

Windows 7 64bit installed, all is working, EXCEPT, when I connect LCD monitor with DVI cable, system wont boot.

No POST, No video - monitor is in stanby all the time. System hangs right after poweron, no sound, no blinking, I have to hold the power switch or use hard-switch to power down the system.

BUT when I use D-SUB vga connection again, all is working fine!

MB: DH61CR, latest bios v48, AA g14064-204. CPU is the one without GPU so the discrete VGA is the only one available.

Cable: I have already tried about ten cables, all working fine on other systems.


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Hello Jan,

Here are our recommendations for this issue:

- Test the system out of the chassis on a minimal configuration to ensure grounding is not affecting the board.

- Test with a different monitor brand if possible to narrow the issue.

- Test with a BIOS recovery test to latest version 0048: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

If the issue persists, check the warranty options you have to replace the boards.

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I am confused too. I have built few tens of computers already and these three are really strange.

1. As I said, it is three computers with identical components. They all have the same problem.

2. If I take the Nvidia out, integrated intel HD graphic D-SUB and DVI connections both work perfectly.

3. With Nvidia installed, computers boot with Nvidia's D-SUB connection only.

4. I have tried BIOSes from 41 all the way up to latest 48, no change.

5. I have tried FUJITSU and HP LCD screens, no change.

6. I have tried both single-link and dual-link DVI cables (different manufacturers), no change.

7. I have tried "simplest configuration" - CPU + RAM + Nvidia + PSU only - no change.

8. Removed backup battery few times too - no change

9. I have tried all possible combinations in BIOS "Video" setting (enable Integrated VGA, disable Integrated VGA, auto setting, force primary PCIe vga etc.)

So my conclusion is probably going to be, that Asus Nvidia EN210 is somehow incompatible with this board, but I guess there should be more complains there?!

There is one clue:

100% working procedure:

1. Turn LCD screen off or disconnect DVI cable (does not matter HP or Fujitsu)

2. Poweron computer.

3. When the HDD led blinks (booting procedure starts), turn LCD screen on (or connect DVI cable) and huray, computer works.

Therefore, LCD screen must be powered off or disconnected from discrete DVI to let the computer boot with this configuration.

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Hello Jan,


Have you tested a different monitor? It is a very estrange behavior and it seems like the motherboard is not recognizing the monitor and this is why is freezing during POST.