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DH61CR support with video card



I have a DH61CR and I bought a gtx 1650 Super and installed it on my machine. After installation, she is without video using the new card. I ran tests on another computer and both the 1650 and the power supply are working. I saw that there is support for the motherboard with this video card, which leads me to believe that it is something related to Bios, which is already in version 120.

Did anyone go through something like that?

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A fancy new graphics card on an old board.  There are many such posts in the forum regarding such.

It is a hit or miss situation.  You would have a much better chance of this working if you had an older nvidia card, like a gtx 750 or gtx 1060.  You might try turning on UEFI and try booting to the bios to see if it works.

"I saw that there is support for the motherboard with this video card"  Where did you see this for a 9 year old board?

BE0120  is the latest bios.



Good evening, the above problem also occurred with my matherboard DH61CR and my  Radeon RX 550 4GB card. Please tell me where you can download the BIOS firmware you specified, unfortunately I did not find it on the official website. Thank you.

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Sorry, upgrading the BIOS is not going to fix the compatibility issues with more-modern AMD graphics cards. There is a chance of it fixing the issues with some more-modern NVIDIA cards (I have successfully used both a GTX 750ti and a GT 1030 in my DZ68ZV), but not with more-modern AMD cards (I know of no success stories here other than with very old cards).




Thanks a lot for your attention. A solution to the problem was found. I updated the BIOS to version 099 and after that the video card began to be detected and everything works fine, except for Intel (R) 82579 V  Gigabit network connection, which is determined by the system, but when installing the drivers (different versions including from the official website) after restarting the system again in the Device manager is displayed with an exclamation mark and does not work. I downloaded the update for BIOS from your site, for which many thanks to you. All the best and thanks again. If you can suggest a solution to the problem with the network card I will be very grateful.

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Yea, this board's Ethernet PHY is only supported on Windows 10 with an inbox compatibility driver. If this driver does not work, you have no recourse other than to use either a supported PCIe Ethernet card (best choice) or a supported USB Ethernet adapter.