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DH61WW USB Port Issue.

Hello to all,

Few months back i upgraded my system to i5 with Intel® Desktop Board DH61WW. Just few days back i noticed some strange issue with on-board ports. When every i switch between speaker to headphone by changing jacks, My system restarts by itself. Later this started happening with USB port based hardware also. Whenever i insert a pen drive system either shows blue screen and gets restarted or restart without any warning. Later system stopped detecting the pen drives. I am using USB keyboard by Microsoft. To test when i changed the port of keyboard, system restarted without blue screen.

I updated system with latest drivers and windows updates but no help.

Worst thing happened when i updated the BIOS also. On power on i can see power lights on, hard disk working sound, but no display, no hard disk read/write light. please.

On this community there are steps to reset BIOS/CMOS. I will try that. But what about the USB port issue. Any suggestions. Same pen drive is working on other systems without any error.



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Community Manager

Hello Niraj,


I understand that you are experiencing boot issues and a short on your USB and analog audio ports.


In regards to your inquires, I recommend you to test your motherboard out of the chassis on a basic configuration and to test with a different power supply as this behavior may be caused by a bad power supply or a short/grounding with the chassis.





Community Manager

Hello Victor,

Thank you for your response. After reading few post i have successfully reset the bios. I have formatted my system with latest updated drivers. Now the Pen drive is working fine. Could be a driver issue. I am monitoring system for any such issues. I will contact this forum again if this issue comes again.

Thank you.