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DH61WW blocked update bios 099 no boot and no recovery works.


DH61WW blocked update bios 099 and no recovery works.


Hello I need help, I have a motherboard DH61WW with i5-2320 CPU, bios version was 020, I update a 023 + 034 + 035 with F7 and then error. I continued to update via windows 048 and 099. 099 is installed, but it does not boot, it remains on intel screen. I restart with F7 and test all the updater version and give fail. I did all the recovery process has several times without success. If jumper remove the screen remains black. there another way to recover, thank you for helping me. My English is not good the French site not work.
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(You could have written your message in French; the site has fairly good translation services)

Was there a true error after BIOS 35 or just the hang? If an error, what was the error message that was displayed?

Can you press F2 and get into BIOS Setup? If so, scroll down to Additional System Information and press . Now scroll down to the bottom of the list. One of the last things displayed should be the revision number for the Intel Management Engine (ME) firmware. If this is blank or displays as, it means that the ME is not running (typically due to invalid (or missing) firmware). This being the case, the only way to get it going is through the use of the recovery method. Follow this process:

  1. Freshly format a USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0!) flash drive. Even if the flash drive was previously formatted, do it again anyway!
  2. Place a copy of BIOS 99 (BE0099.BIO) onto the flash drive.
  3. Power off the WW board and unplug it from the wall.
  4. Remove the CR2032 battery from the board.
  5. After waiting 15 minutes, reinstall the battery.
  6. Remove the BIOS Configuration jumper from the board.
  7. Plug the flash drive into one of the black USB 2.0 ports on the back panel of the board.
  8. Plug the system back in and power it on.

The recovery process should run and information about the process should be received on the screen. Once complete, power off and restore the jumper. You can then proceed to update to the latest BIOS using the F7 method (placing the BE0120.BIO file onto the flash stick)...

If you cannot get the recovery method to run, even after this process, you likely have a permanently bricked system...

Hope this helps,