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DH61WW not working with HD7750


hi everyone,

hope you'll understand my problem,my english is poor just a little.

I have a DH61WW for a 2 years now,but I never connected a external graphic card.

last week I bought a PowerColor HD7750 from a friend with perfect working condition,

and connected to my DH61WW but it gave me no signal (blank-black screen since boot cant do anything).I thought my PCI-E x16 slot remain

dust or something,so i cleaned it,and re-seated the card but the problem is still.

BIOS indicate PCI-E x16 slot is empty (not populated)

i spent countless time with this mess and gave up and connected a HD4850 to my DH61WW.

with a big suprise HD4850 working great on my DH61WW and my HD7750 working perfectly on my friend's PC.

now im kind a lost in this issue and dont know what to do.

I have updated to the latest bios (without any single error )

I have followed the removing CMOS battery solution for 1 hour and re connected (out of chassis without power cables)

HD4850 working perfect on DH61WW which means the board have not any fault.

HD7750 working perfect too on my friend's that means the card have not any fault too.

please help guys.... i saw a member of intel community named sylvia_intel is giving options for many issues cant find him or she

my Spex are:

i3 2100 @ 3.10Ghz


Kingston 4GB (2x2GB's) @ 1333Mhz

450W PSU cameup with the casing (you guys calling it chassis)

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