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DH61WWB3 (G23116-302) microphone configuration when using Surround 5.1 Speakers



A 5.1 surround speaker set requires the three 3.5mm TRS output jacks on the back of the PC to function (blue is rear stereo, green is front stereo, pink is center mono plus subwoofer mono), but I don't know if the front panel connectors can be used at the same time (they do not change in the Realtek Sound Manager interface from their initial function: pink as microphone stereo in and green as front stereo out. My problem with this is that I have to route stereo sound from an analog video capture card on a CD-ROM audio cable but the board doesn't have the 4-pin internal CD-ROM audio connector so now I am using a 3.5mm TRS jack on one end of the CD-ROM audio cable, from the capture card to the microphone input on the back of the PC but if I connect 5.1 surround speakers to the PC I would have to use the front panel microphone stereo in, which I don't know if will work for sure. However there is an advantage to this setup and it is that maybe there is a way to wire the capture card to the front panel header internally, instead of the ugly but so far functional solution I had to come up with with my little TRS cable. Again, I would appreciate the experts around to elaborate on how such wiring could be done so the PC case can be kept closed. Thanks in advance for all the light you can shed on the subject,


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