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DH67BL Sata 3gb/s And eSATA not Working



I have a problem today I bought a unit of solid state of 240 gb of Kingston I connect it to some port SATA 2 of 3/gb and it does not detect the bios nor the operating system I have 2 disks in the ports SATA 3 of 6/gb

and if they work, I connect the SSD to a sata 3 and if it works but I stay if a disk and I need the 3 walking, why does this happen there is some solution?

I already updated the bios to the last one and I see that it does not change at all.

continue to support bios for this board I guess you can fix it I think ...

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I am not sure I understand what you are saying. If you are not comfortable corresponding in English, feel free to respond in your native language. We have translators that we can use.


Are you saying that, when this SSD is connected, the BIOS will not POST?

Or are you saying that this SSD will not work?


Just so you understand, your board was discontinued many years ago. In the meantime, Intel has also exited the Desktop Board business. With the exception of serious security issues affecting the Processor or the Chipset (i.e. Management Engine), Intel is not performing any maintenance of the BIOS. Regardless of what type of issue is affecting the use of this SSD, it will not be fixed (it will, in fact, not even be investigated). Your options are to replace the board, replace the SSD or (what I did) add a replacement SATA III controller card.


In my DX58SO system, I chose to overcome the SSD compatibility and (SATA II) performance issues by adding one of these cards: It provided me with a SATA III controller, a mount point for the SSD and an auxiliary SATA III port for connecting a HDD (I continue to use the slower SATA II ports for CD/DVD drives and infrequently-accessed HDDs).


Hope this helps,