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DH67BL with problem connecting 2 or more RAM


First of all, I apologize for the english, I'm not fluent.


Hello, I bought a DH67BL, and updated the BIOS. Ok, now I turn on my computer putting my 3 8gb RAM memories, and what happens? Tan daaan ... 3 beeps ...

(Only to advance: I've tested the 3 ram memory on another computer, and 3 worked perfectly)

So I tried to put only one ram, and it worked ... My PC connected normally. However, if I add another RAM, it still gives the 3 beeps ...

I'm a little disappointed with it, since this is the second time I buy this motherboard (the first time I bought came with the damaged pin socket).

I tried to put a RAM at a time, in each slot, to check the operation of them, and only in 2 slots (located on the right side) that the PC connected normally. When I put the RAM into the slot that is on the left, gave beep.

Anyway, how should I proceed? I believe that I have already installed ALL possible updates to the motherboard, and still keep having this problem.

I hope you can help me ... I was very saddened by the fact that the first motherboard to come with problems, and now this happens

- My Settings

Processor: i3 3220

Energy Source: Corsair 600W

Mobo: DH67BL

RAM: 3x8gb Corsair

Video Card: GTX 650 Ti 2Gb



Olá, comprei uma DH67BL, e atualizei a BIOS. Ok, agora fui ligar meu computador colocando minhas 3 memórias RAM de 8gb, e o que acontece? Tan daaan... 3 beeps...

(Só para adiantar: eu já testei as 3 memórias ram em outro computador, e as 3 funcionaram perfeitamente)

Então tentei colocar somente 1 memória RAM, e funcionou... O meu PC ligou normalmente. Porém, se eu adicionar outra memória RAM, ele continua dando os 3 beeps...

Estou meio decepcionado com isso, visto que é a segunda vez que compro essa placa mãe (a primeira vez que comprei veio com os pinos do socket estragados).

Tentei colocar uma memória RAM por vez, em cada slot, pra verificar o funcionamento deles, e, somente nos 2 slots (localizados ao lado direito) que o PC ligou normalmente. Quando coloquei a memória RAM no slot que fica ao lado esquerdo, deu beep.

Enfim, como devo proceder? Acredito que eu já tenha instalado TODAS possíveis atualizações para a placa mãe, e ainda assim continuo tendo esse problema.

Espero que vocês possam me ajudar... Fiquei muito triste com o fato da primeira placa mãe vir com problema, e, agora isso acontece

-- Minhas Configurações

Processador: i3 3220

Energy Source: Corsair 600W

Mobo: DH67BL

Memória RAM: 3x8gb Corsair

Placa de Vídeo: GTX 650 Ti 2Gb

DH67BL com problema ao ligar 2 ou mais memória RAM

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Please let me know which BIOS version do you have installed on your motherboard. I also need to know which the AA # of the product is. I need to verify if this board is ready to be used with a 3rd generation processor.


If the board has a BIOS version earlier than 0132, you will need to do a BIOS update using a 2nd generation processor.

Please provide me the information I requested in order to let you know if the memory problem you are experience is relate to this compatibility.





Hello sylvia_intel, thank you for contacting me

I'm not sure what would be the AA # ... But, if this is the barcode on the motherboard, this is his number: 38607760C574

According to the information I got when typing "msinfo32" in Windows, I use the following BIOS: BLH6710H.86A.0160.2012.1204.1156 ...

I've done a BIOS update, using a processor of the second generation.

I'm at the moment using the PC with a processor of the third generation.

However, what does not work in any way, is I put more than one stick of RAM memory.

And now?


Someone else could help me?


Hello Erongrecomelo,

Please proceed to test the motherboard with minimal configuration (Motherboard, processor, power supply and 1 memory stick on DIMM # 1) No hard drives, no video card, no optical drives.


-Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime datetime

If you continue having the same behavior, please test the motherboard with the 2nd generation processor you used to do the BIOS updated.


If you are able to go to the BIOS, please add the 2nd memory stick on DIMM # 2 (blue color) and restart the system.

If you continue having the same behavior, feel free to contact your local Intel support group for assistance: