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DH67BL won't power up without physical pressure on the switch pins

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I just tried to start my new DH67BL system. I see that I have power at the board LED, but when I pushed the power switch - nothing. Absolutely nothing. No fans spinning up, etc.

I find that when I apply pressure to the cable connection at the On/Off pins and hold it there (I'm on the front panel block), the board starts up, the switch works, etc.. As soon as I release the pressure, the system goes cold.

I fear that I have a bad board and will have to gut all of this work, but I thought I'd ask for advice/help first.

Does anyone have any idea why I'd have to apply pressure to the connection onto the pins?

Thanks in advance,


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I have the same problem. But when I unplug battery + ram + power cable for 1 hour, The mainboard will run properly. Sometimes, it occurs again