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DH67CL freezing using SSD with Windows 7

I have a DH67CL motherboard (b3 stepping) on which I have attempted to use an SSD for the Windows C drive. I started with a Sandisk 64 Gb, but this kept freezing: I would find that I could move the mouse but do nothing else. A reset wouldn't work as the PC then hung in the BIOS and would not complete Post. Powering off completely and restarting resolved it for a while.

Eventually things got so bad I gave up on the Sandisk, and instead installed an Intel 530 120 Gb drive. This has run fine for 24 hours but now suddenly has started doing the same thing. I am at a loss to understand what the cause is. The BIOS is at latest level (0160) and the SSD is also at latest level. OS is windows 7 SP1 and all latest Intel drivers are installed. But it seems to be hardware as the problem hangs Post.

Please can anyone advise where to look for this problem?


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Hello RFSmith7, first of all we need to find out what is causing you system to freeze. How long ago did you start getting this behavior?

I recommend you to disconnect all hard drives and additional devices. Please take the board out of the chassis and test it with minimum configuration (Motherboard, processor, power supply, 1 memory stick)

- Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting BIOS Issues

-Start adding one component at the time until you find the conflicting one.

- If you are able to use another SSD or a regular hard driver, please check if you are getting the same behavior.


If you do, so I think it will be necessary to replace the motherboard.

I would recommend you to contact our warranty department so they can help you. Remember that the motherboard needs to be under warranty : Contact Support

or submit a web ticket at the following URL Service Request Email


Sylvia - thanks for taking the time to respond!

After further investigation I have tracked the problem to a cable-seating issue with the SATA cable. I was using a new one with a metal clip one side that seems designed to lock the cable in place. But it wasn't locking the cable into the DH67CL motherboard port as I thought. Having inserted the cable I assume it eventually relaxed and contact got broken.

I've now used an older cable that doesn't have this metal clip, and when I plugged this cable in it did so with a clearly audible click, something which the other cable didn't do (and I tried at least 3 new ones!).

So all is now well, and I'm enjoying the benefit of having an SSD for my Windows C drive at last.


Thanks for letting us know RFSmith7.