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DH67GD нужен файл биоса 4mb bin. после обновления биоса плата не включается. программатор для прошивки микросхемы память у меня есть

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As has been mentioned elsewhere, Intel does not provide BIOS updates in BIN format as they are insecure. The only way to get a BIN file is by extracting an image of the flash component on an existing board. Because the flash component also contains the board's branding (Serial Numbers, UUID, MAC Address, Passwords, etc.), installing a BIN file from another board also installs that board's branding. Intel does not provide support for updating the branding in the field. Further, the branding cannot be patched because it is stored in the BIOS in encrypted form. Bottom line, this process essentially making a clone of the other board. This can have negative side-effects for both users if these boards both remain in use. IT IS THUS RECOMMENDED THAT NO ONE FULFILL THIS REQUEST.