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DH67VR BIOS update from 0104.2011 to 0155.2012 fails - No Display

bios update DH67VRDH67VR mainboard bought in Chennai, India came with BIOS BLH6710H.86A.0104.2011 and this BIOS is not shown in the Intel BIOS download page

Chose to update the BIOS with the latest BLH6710H.86A.0155.2012 dated 9th May 2012 using the Update BIOS feature in the BIOS setup enetered using F7 on boot with the BIO file in a USB flash drive. BIOS updation reported successful and then on auto reboot there was no display. Tested it on another board with fresh download of BIOS using CDROM media with BIO file and same result. Attempting to recover the BIOS after removing the BIOS CFG jumper also failed.

This lot of boards were imported into India during Sept 2011. Looks like either

  1. the BIOS version 0155 is broken or
  2. the batch is defective or
  3. it needs to be updated to some other version before updating it to v0155.

Intel needs to clarify!

Boards sent to Intel Service - expect new ones - hopefully they have the latest BIOS!

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Happened the same with me...


Any chance of losing warranty?
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Going from v104 to v155 is a huge leap. I would suggest taking tiny steps with BIOS flashing when possible. Often times there is little changes and tweeks that need to be incorporated for later BIOS builds to be useful. Sometimes there are major structural changes to the code.

I'm looking at the release notes for v105 and there is no mention of v104, only v102. So, maybe this board has OEM specific firmware associated with it, or the v104 never made it to mainstream distribution. Is this board it part of a OEM system?

I think you're probably stuck where you are, but you can try a few things. Follow this and get back to the earliest rev, v105.


Wait for an Intel tech to tell you a better way.

I'm guessing the board is out of Warranty?