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DH77DF Video Problems with Windows 8 and 7


I have a DH77DF MB with a i3-2120 CPU that refuses to work under Windows 8 or 7 with the onboard video enabled. In 64-bit Windows 8 if I have the video enabled I can load the the OS but once it gets to loading drivers it hangs. If I disable onboard video and install a separate graphics card it works fine. In 64-bit Windows 7 the OS loads fine with the standard VGA drivers. As soon as I run Windows update and it installs the drivers for the onboard video it hangs. I have used every driver on Intel's website for Windows 8 and 7. The BIOS is updated to the latest one on Intels website.

Ubuntu 64-bit Linux loads fine. Windows 2008 Server loads fine. No problems with the onboard video. The problem is limited to 64-bit Windows 7 and 8. I have not tried the 32-bit versions.

I have seen similar problems from others but no fix. I am currently running Windows 8 headless with the onboard video disabled under 64-bit Windows 8 but would like to use a

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Hi Audiosceptic,

This is not a normal behavior, at the time you install the video driver it changes the graphics controller frequency, so it uses the maximum performance of the processor itself.

So it seems to be the processor defective that has the graphics controller damaged.

You may need to contact our support in order to replace your processor. Contact Intel


I thought that the CPU might be faulty. It just didn't make sense that it would fail on the video driver load.

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If you are using a VGA monitor with an adapter, that could be a problem. A DVI monitor with a DVI-HDMI adaptor should work as the conversion between DVI and HDMI is just mechanical, I believe.