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DH77DF mSATA SSD not recognized

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My DH77DF mobo doesn't recognize my Crucial m4 128GB mSATA SSD whatever I try.

I've read somewhere that on some motherboards you have to choose which function the MiniPCIE slot has, mSATA or other.

I've looked everywhere in the BIOS (104) but could not find such a setting.

Is there such a setting?

If not is there something else I should do to get the mSATA SSD recognized?

Is it mandatory to screw down the mSATA SSD for it to work?

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Hello flavio, the mSATA should work natively but the Solid-State Drive will use as ground the screws.


If you can, try with a different Solid-State Drive.



Community Manager

Hello flavio,

I also have a DH77DF board and a Crucial m4 msata 1280GB SSD. They are working ok together, actually the only problem that i have is that the BIOS do not boot from the ssd automatically, i always have to press F10 in boot and then select the drive to boot from it. The strange thing is that when i first installed the ssd the motherboard booted from it automatically, but one day after i swapped some disks i could never again boot from it. As i also have this problem in another intel board (DH61DL) with a old hard disk i am used to it...

I never had to set anything in the bios to make it work, nevertheless, i think you could try the following things:

As for the screw (this board has only one screw hole) IMHO it is just as Victor_intel said.

Well, good luck.

PS: Sorry for my "engrish", it is not my native language.