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DH77EB black screen Win7 64


Hi, have an intel DH77EB mb (BIOS 0089) and after installing Intel HD VGA driver I get a black screen (TFT 17" 4:3 1280x1024).

My system is Windows 7 64 HP, 4GB RAM, intelSSD 120GB, CPU i5-3550.

Tried with latest version from intel web (V8.15.10.2761) and the one that comes with the mb (V8.15.10.2618), but the results are always the same: BIOS screen OK, Win7 starting/logo OK, but when it loads de VGA-HD driver (while loading Win7) monitor goes black.

Loading in "SAFE MODE" no problems.

Loading in "SAFE MODE VGA 640x480" again black screen.

Desinstalling Intel VGA-HD driver loads Win7 OK.

Any ideas/suggestion?


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Community Manager

Seems fixed/solved.

Installed 'Win7_64_152612.exe' then reboot machine, stil BLACK SCREEN. Tried with dual display adapters, no luck.

Then reset BIOS setting with mb's jumper, entered BIOS an 'Load as Default' option.

Now it loads Windows7 fine with the intel HD VGA driver!!!

Maybe something went wrong when updating BIOS, or some options/settings where stored wrong on eeprom/flash/nvram.