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DH77EB will not see drive in external enclosure via eSATA

I have a DH77EB board, Win8 64 machine and it is not able to see drives in my external enclosure via eSATA port. This only occurs with one enclosure type, OWC Mercury Pro Elite (Oxford 944 chipset) which happens to be the enclosure I use! All others have worked just fine. I have tried connecting every possible way and it always responds the same. It sees the enclosure fine, just not the drive. Oddly, the drive spins up when connected. I have tried several different drives in the enclosure, different sizes, brands etc and it is always the same result. If I connect via USB it's fine, just happens via eSATA.

Is there some compatability issue with this board and the Oxford 944 chipset? Is there a known problem related? I would greatly appreciate some help. I also tried calling OWC and they suggested it was an Intel issue and to try this.

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