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DH77EB with BIOS rev 99 still doesn't reliably detect PCIe TV tuner card

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I recently upgraded my HTPC system to a DH77EB and I've had nothing but problems with detection of the TV tuner card (Hauppauge HVR-2200). I was baffled at first when it wouldn't detect the card at all, then I found the latest BIOS update and managed to get the card to show up. I put the machine back together and reinstalled it next to the TV, but not long afterwards it failed to detect the card again after waking from S3 sleep state.

I tried powering off the machine and when it restarted the card was detected again, so I thought it might have been an issue with waking from S3, so I set the machine to hibernate instead of sleep in the hope of getting more reliable detection when it powered up. Unfortunately, it still doesn't detect the card reliably...

The card has worked perfectly in previous motherboards, so I'm quite confident that it's not the card that's at fault. I've also tried it in every PCIe slot, so I don't think there's a motherboard fault related to a particular slot.

It seems as though even the latest BIOS with its tuner card related fixes still isn't quite getting it right all the time...

Has anyone else seen this kind of problem with BIOS rev 99? Any other suggestions to try? Is there an official way to notify Intel of the BIOS problem? Are there any diagnostics I can run or BIOS logging I can enable to help pin down what the problem might be? Is there a new BIOS revision in the works that might address this problem?

I'm pretty much at my wits end...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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